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Epic Battle Dude BestWindows8Apps Award
Game News
March 4, 2014

Epic Battle Dude received an Award

THE DUDE MADE IT! Epic Battle Dude received an Editor’s Pick Award from with the incredible highscore of 10/10! So if you haven’t played Epic Battle Dude yet – what are you waiting for?! It's FREE! (more…)
1941 Frozen Front, Townsmen, Windows Phone Central, HandyGames
Game News
August 3, 2013

HandyGames announces 1941 Frozen Front and Townsmen for Windows Phone 8

Next up in our Casual Connect USA gaming coverage are two titles from an established Windows Phone developer. Earlier this year, Handy Games (one of Germany’s largest mobile game studios) jumped onto our platform with two impressive Windows Phone 8 titles: Epic Battle Dude – a “one-dimensional“ casual RPG and Aces of Luftwaffe – a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up. Both…